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Dammeron Valley Special Service District and Dammeron Valley Fire & EMS Training Center distribute more than 50 opioid reversal kits

The Dammeron Valley Fire Special Service District (DVF SSD) and Dammeron Valley Fire & EMS Training Center recently distributed more than 50 Naloxone opioid overdose reversal kits at two community training events.


The first event was provided during the Dammeron Valley Community Breakfast on 4 May at Dammeron Valley Fire & Rescue’s (DVFR) Station 13 and the Dammeron Valley park. Attendees who participated received a short education session on the signs and symptoms of opioid overdose and a demonstration of how to administer Naloxone to reverse an overdose. After the training, a Naloxone kit containing two doses was provided at no cost.


“As opioid overdoses continue to climb nationally, it’s important to understand that they can happen anytime and anywhere,” shared DVFR Assistant Chief and Medical Training Officer Colleen Homer. “In a community like Dammeron Valley, the risk of an accidental overdose is always present as someone may forget they already took medications and re-dose. It’s important that everyone is prepared to act if this happens because it could save a life.”


DVFR hosted a second training session in the Station 13 Training Room on 15 May, where residents from Dammeron Valley, Diamond Valley, and Veyo received a more in-depth training that included common types of opioids, reasons for potential overdose, signs and symptoms, and how to administer reversal medication. The training was presented by DVFR Firefighter/EMT Peter Field and included a demonstration on how to administer Naloxone and educational videos produced by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the agency funding the grant making this program possible.


“Community education is a key component of DVFR’s mission, and we appreciate those who made the time to attend the training to become better informed on the risks of opioid overdoses and how to potentially intervene to save a life,” stated DVFR Public Information Officer Hunter Wolfe.


The DVF SSD received the SAMHSA Rural Fire and EMS Training Grant, which provides funding for the DVFR Emergency Medical Technician and Emergency Medical Technician-Advanced academies, in 2022 and 2023. The 2023 grant included supplemental funding allowing DVFR to acquire and distribute Naloxone through these community training events and through agency partnerships across Southern Utah.


PIO Wolfe added, “The District and DVFR are grateful for our partnership with SAMHSA, which has tremendously impacted the quality of EMS training in our rural region. The opportunity to extend this program to the communities we serve is just another example of how the dedication and professionalism of DVFR’s members continue to benefit everyone in our service area.”


Additional training and Naloxone distribution events will be scheduled over the next several months. Sign up for email updates on the DVF SSD and DVFR websites to stay informed on these and other community education and training opportunities.


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