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Dammeron Valley Fire Special Service District launches new website, social media page, and logo

Dammeron Valley Fire Special Service District (DVF SSD) is pleased to launch its new website and social media page, which can be accessed at and on Facebook at


The new website will keep residents of Dammeron Valley and the surrounding communities the District serves up-to-date on current events regarding the District and Dammeron Valley Fire & Rescue. The new website includes information about the District, the ability to subscribe for new and updates, and contract information for the DVF SSD Administrative Control Board.


“As we continue to see growth and demand for fire, EMS, and rescue services along the lower SR-18 Corridor in rural Washington County, the DVF SSD recognizes the importance of providing timely and accurate information regarding our mission,” stated DVF SSD Board Chair, Ryan Andersen. “Our new website, along with a dedicated Facebook page for the District, allows our Board the ability to update the communities we serve with information that supplements the operational information provided by DVFR’s website and social media channels.”


The website includes a new Events section that allows residents to register for updates regarding Board meetings and other events, along with direct links to DVFR’s operational website and for meeting agendas and recordings.


Along with the new website and social media page, the DVF SSD has updated its logo. “Our new logo represents the capabilities that DVFR and its members have built over the last four years,” Andersen shared. “As we continue to deliver on our mission to provide effective, competent, timely, and reliable fire and EMS services, we believe the new logo also exemplifies the beauty and diversity of our service area and the communities it encompasses.”


The DVF SSD encourages residents within the lower SR-18 Corridor communities to visit to sign up for updates and to follow DVF SSD on Facebook.

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